Studio IGM is a vibrant and innovative production company providing Performing Arts, Film, New Media Art, Television, Video, and Radio. Studio IGM provides the following services –


  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Script-Writing
  • Talent and Resources
  • Staff Organization
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Distribution, and
  • Marketing


Studio IGM works with amazing artists from different countries, and unites talented people to create unique projects. We’re extremely proud of our work with different languages and we value diverse cultural backgrounds. It’s our belief that art is the universal language of our basic human values, and it’s our goal at Studio IGM to spread classical masterpieces by developing new and unique projects. We’re also proud to promote new and gifted authors, including Script and Play Writers, Actors, Directors, Artists, Composers, and many more.


Studio IGM Head Office: You’ll find Studio IGM’s head office located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Studio IGM provides the following services:

  • Film Production
  • Drama Production
  • Concert Production
  • Opera, Operetta, and Other Musical Productions
  • Business Event Management
  • Creative Programming for Any Type of Event
  • Entertainment for Business-Oriented Events
  • Cultural and Educational Programs
  • Festivals